I just bought two WWE DVDs (History of Wrestlemania and Cheating Death/Stealing Life: Eddie Guerrero Story) and I’m having issues trying to make backups of these discs. When I do not have AnyDVD running, they work fine. However, when AnyDVD is running, it will not play in my PC DVD player, and the backups will not run on my regular DVD player. Past WWE titles have backed up fine. I don’t know if this is a problem with my DVD burner or not. Other titles I own back up fine. Any suggestions?

BTW. Both these wrestling titles are a must own for a wrestling fan. Great classic matches.

What version of Anydvd are you using? :confused: ppl seem to like to load software and not read the version history B 4 they try to burn in some instances…

Look here

I am running Just updated it today and the same thing happened.

try to do your copy again but be sure to disable the “annoying adverts and trailers” option, this might help in some cases

if not try to rip with vobblanker

Maybe these titles have a different protection, or simply another mastering error (again).
Could you please be more specific about these titles? Exact tiltles? Region code? Where to buy them? (Amazon.com? Amazon.co.uk?)
At amazon.co.uk I can only find “WWE - The Eddie Guerrero Story”, Release date: October 18, 2004. Is it this title?

Okay. The exact titles are:

WWE - Eddie Guerrero - Cheating Death, Stealing Life
WWE - The History of Wrestlemania

Both can be currently purchased from Amazon.com, I happened to purchase mine from Suncoast Video
Both are Region 1.


Backing up the disc is not the issue. It will back up, but when AnyDVD is running, before backing up, the titles will not run at all. When I backup the titles, it basically backs up the version that will not play. Without AnyDVD running, they play fine by themselves.

And there is no difference whether the “annoying adverts and trailers” option
is disabled or not?

I had one DVD that did not play with PowerDVD until I disabled this option;
once disabled no problem

I haven’t tried to copy this DVD with the option enabled as I thought
as the original did not play this way the copy wouldn’t do too.
(and according your experiences they really don’t play at your standalone)

Frisk, you da man!!

That was it. It backed up fine after I took out that checkmark.

Thanks for your help and thanks to everyone else for their help.