Okay remember me? I posted here about my dvd burner dying on me not too long ago. I have an HP 300n dvd drive that stopped working overnight, now my 2nd cd drive stopped working too! And to top it all off I go out and buy an external dvd/cd burner so that I can back up my files and then reformat my entire pc. Only thing is when I connected the external drive, a CenDyne 48x, it started to work, reading my blank and then it was like my cpu attacked it! It made whirring noises and now its like the internal dvd/cd drives…will not read any discs and is utterly frigging USELESS! WTF is happening here?!?

And for the record I have the most up to date firmware. I’m using Fuji Film, Centrios, Maxell and Memorex media. I uninstalled and reinstalled my drives to no avail, I deleted Nero and Alcohol 120% and I do not want to lose any of my files on my hard drive. Is it possible that I have been hacked, could someone be doing this, a virus? What is happening? Please someone help?


Reset the CMOS. Are those drives detected in BIOS? Did you set the detection to AUTO? Did you remove both primary and secondary IDE channels from Device Manager? Also remove ALL CD/DVD burn applications. Clean up your registry. Download the latest Nero. Recheck for problem.