WTF, RMA'd DW 1620, get back DQ60



So I rma’d my 1620 a few weeks ago and got back a DQ60. After reading the reviews on this drive, I’m pretty pissed. What do you guys think I should do? BenQ customer support is a piece of shit just getting a live person to RMA the first drive took literally days.


I know it sucks, but technically they did honor the warranty and
gave you a drive that specs wise was equal or better in return.

You could try and fight it, but they really don’t have to do anything legally.

I would just sell the drive and get a 1650. It doesn’t seem worth the effort.



welcome pduan87 and I am sorry to say the same thing :a happened to me this week also and I sold it the next day.


Call back and get James or Jesse. Point out that the 1620 would work with Qsuite and that was the reason you bought the drive. Point out that the DQ60 will not and tell them you will accept any 1600 series drive; that is what you sent them. Then ask for a return label and a new RMA. Be polite and patient.


It’s true, the DQ60 does NOT support all the same features as the DW1620, such as QScan.


I’d sell it on eBay.


They did the same thing to me after they said they would not. I called back and complained,. one person told me to deal with it, so i called back the next day and was nice and that person gave me another rma # and also sent a call tag for the dq60. They said they would send back a 1655 so i am just waiting. I think it is easy to get pissed off and complain to them but i have found it you are nice and dont get going they seem to deal with you better…