WTF Nero Isn't Doing CD TEXT

Why? When I play the CD it’s always unknown track/artist why isnt Nero doing CD text I am specifying it.


What drives do you use to burn and read?
What programs to play the CDs?

Not all drives write/read CD-Text.
Few programs read CD-Text (HACP, Feurio, and Plextor and Teac software players).

Have you tried Feurio? It has the best CD-Text support. (well, it’s the best audio burning program :stuck_out_tongue: )

See the Nero instructions at Song names in Nero.

This is the current link for the Digital CD Player for Windows.

Plextor 1210A and I am using “Angry CD Player” to play the CD, it does support cd text.

I’ll try Feurio…

Ahhhh Ok Player… It’s a Toshiba SDM-1212 does that support CD Text?

According to Feurio that Toshiba doesn’t read CD-Text:

Try it with Plextor.