WTF is this?

sjv were you able to Booktype the =R DL media with the BenQ so it would play in the RCA???

They should only know. Alot of people on this forum are real Clone2 and Nero believers. They hate OneClick.

Ok alan I’m leaving!!! :sad: :sad: :sad:

I found that out real QUICK! A couple members already tried to Whack my PEE PEE! :eek:

I’m a relic on our forum!

If ther people on this forum would give somebody like you a real chance they would learn alot but you know how some people are. They think they have the right to belittle other because they have more forum time. It is their loss.

Oh well! Thanks alan! See ya a little later!

Later Joel, I have to go shopping for tommorrow. Just me and my boy. A small feast.

:sad: :sad: where’s our forum gone?

i was speaking to KT a few days ago and found out that he is currently working about 70 miles away from where i live. he was also saying that the forum was causing him way too much grief at the moment (the host rather than members) so hopefully once back online it will be a big improvement over the last few weeks

the message is still the same guys…

Ya I just checked also! It will probably be a few days at least! I would think? Good day bubbles. Is it time for a beer???

Its always " Miller Time"

That’s a Positive attitude alan!!! :bigsmile:

Alan all the best!!! And eat some Turkey and Gravy for us Poor Canadians that have to wait till Christmas!!! :sad:

Wish you were here to join me. Have a good one and say hi to the girls and the Mrs.

alan I wish I could be there with you and Sam! But I had 1daughter sick yesterday and 2 other ones sick today, So tomorrow will probably be the youngest one and the wife and then me!!! :eek:

1click must be working fine for people as it is so slow here!!!


at least by the time the forum comes back online you should be recovered :Z :bigsmile:

Ya I’m not looking forward to what’s going around here!

sometimes you are best to disappear for a few days and leave them to rid themselves of the bug :bigsmile: