WTF is this?

I got this screen Wednesday @ 9:00AM CT USA when trying to log onto :doh: :confused: :a

Whats up??? :confused: :sad:

<TABLE class=tborder cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width=“70%” align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=tcat>vBulletin Message</TD></TR><TR><TD class=panelsurround align=middle>[left]<!-- main error message -->Due to problems I am having with the Forum Host Server, I have had to close the forum until further notice. I am currently looking into moving to a new host.

If you have any problems with 1Click DVD Copy please email the support team At the following email address:…

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We should be back to normal very soon.

Forum Administrator

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<!-- / main error message -->[/left]


Looks like the problems with the forum recently have caused KT to move the database to another forum. You’ll get a different message if you try to log on now, which I interpret to mean he is making some progress.

The message now is page cannot be displayed!

Oops, now it’s back to the one Steve pasted. Guess we just need to be patient. That’s a quality that all of us have displayed in the past. :disagree:

Good to see ya Bigboard! That is certainly not one of my finer qualities!!!

Have you ever checked out this place? You should recognize the name!

Fellas, I have the forum bookmarked as posted in my initial WTF message #1 so I do not have to log in each time I visit the forum. How will I know when things are back to normal again? I can’t loose my Buds! :disagree: :sad:

At least the time is right over here! :clap:

sjv we will have to keep checking! It may be a few hours or it may be a few days it depends what KT can find!!! I don’t mind waiting a few days to let him find a competant host! Unlike the last one!!!

It is nice to know the correct time thow!

I’ll be your bud. But thats as far as I can take it.

sjv aren’t you an all or nothing type of guy??? :eek:

Where is your avatar?

I am surprised we have not seen alan today!

Here I am and all is as it should be, a Senior Members only forum. It is too bad the avatar you made for me is too big to use on this forum, here I am not considered the drive expert, just another member who got a little knowledge of drives.

If I make the avatar any smaller than it was you would not be able to read it!
I could not get to this forum for about 5 minutes! I hope we don’t have the same problems here!

I had the same problem, but if you notice there are at least 100 people on right now, if we had that many on our forum it would crash and burn like the Hindenburg. I think KT has to buy somemore server space, or bandwith, or whatever you call it.

alan I graduated today and am now a Rookie!!! Yahoooooooo!!!

With 34 posts on our forum you would be a Junior member already.

alan, good to see you here amoung the “regulars”. Kinda’ raises the comfort zone. :slight_smile:

Well I am sure that with the advertising he is doing he can afford it now!!!

We need a place to chill out without hurting the feelings of the pain in the butt members on our forum.

Hey sjv 10 more posts and you become a Rookie!