WTF? I am NOT making this up

I just finished burning a copy of my Mechanical Animals (by Marilyn Manson) cd and went to listen to it, everything was fine until I hit the 7th track (Posthuman) and halfway through the song there was this annoying beeping noise and a guy with a brittish voice said “Illegal Copy” in an annoying tone…then there was more beeping and then the song resumed. is this some new scary as hell copy protection? or am I hallucinating, cuz It wouldn’t be the first time (the hallucinating that is…)

That’s kinda funny :slight_smile: What happens if you listen to the original in your PC?

Pebkac ?

Perhaps it’s one of those discs that loads some anti-copy driver sliently via autorun and then messes with your DAE.

Though I would like to get one of these discs and try to break the copy protection just for fun. I would think that a Plextor using single session mode could cut through it without problems.

It sounds pretty clever though, considering you have to listen to the whole disc before you know for sure that it doesn’t have defects like this. But my hypothesis at this point is that it’s just that - a ‘clever’ implementation of an existing type of copy protection.

If you used Feurio with a bad serial, that is the voice of doom (or Jens Fangemier) punishing you.

If that’s the case, either complain bitterly if you have bought it, use it in trial mode (some light nagging, but fully functional), or dump it and use “Exact Audio Copy” instead… I never used to be without a Feurio trial, but have now ditched it entirely.

Did you have to install anything when you inserted your original?

You can get freeware better than Feurio, plus supporting the Feurio developers who resort to those measures (trojans is software) is wrong.

Then they have the cheek to complain about piracy :a, they deserve all they get.


I doubt you can get a freeware program better than feurio!.
If you don´t pay for they work they have the right to do that.
when you put a fake serial in feuro!, the program advert you, so no reason to complaint.
You can use a trial, no time limit , only a start pop-up.

I didn’t know about this, but that’s pretty clever!

It plays normally, even when I ripped it to my hard drive and encoded it in mp3 format, it played normally, it only happened when i burnt the cd.

I didnt use Feurio, I used Nero Burning ROM. I’m not one for pirated software and\or warez\crackz …etc

I attached the voice that sounds when you have used Feurio!
Probably, you’ve made a copy from a disc that was burned with Feurio. (87.6 KB)

Lol, thats some funny shit! Developers have every right to protect their software in any way.

HAHAHHA funny … hahahah … thats pretty good… wonder what caused it the pirated key or the protection

Program developers have a right to freedom of bleep like everyone else, umm sorry I mean speech.


Exact Audio Copy

what he said

EAC to the max! :iagree:

EAC to the max times infinity! :iagree:


Now, why do I want to play that backwards…“I buried Paul…” :wink: