WTF has Divx gone and done now!



As I’m writing this, I am waiting for my first attempt at encoding in Divx 6 to finish. I’m using the new Divx Converter app and I’ve got to say that so far I’m pretty bummed with the user experience.

The programme makers have seen fit to reduce the number of options one can take with their conversion (and hence the advanced controls) and reduced the whole process to deciding whether you want the file in high definition, handheld, theatre quality etc…

I understand that the future success of the divx codec will hinge on its ease of use, but surely they’re dumbing it down a bit too much now. I have been using Dr DivX since it came out and have become quite fond of its easy-to-use yet advanced-when-it-wants-to-be interface. In the new DivX Converter, gone is the projection of the average bit rate (integral for me to decide how large my divx file would be in the end. Gone are the estimates of how long the conversion will take, gone is the ability to boost the volume of the ac3 audio. Gone is two pass encoding!!.. you get the idea. I’m sure that everything and more from the last codec is still “under the bonnet” and working away in the background after you select the quality of the output, but surely they could have provided an advanced interface as well, to give the current DivX 5 user base the added advantages of the new codec whilst letting them still have the same control over their conversions as Dr DivX allowed? After all, we’ve been using it for so long now and it’s so good.

I know some of you reading this will be saying, well why don’t you just shut the F up and carry on using DivX 5 then? I don’t want to use an old codec when the improved version is out and about. I would just prefer the option of having the same amount of control over my conversion as Dr DivX allowed.

Is there anyone else out there with an opinion?