WTF happened with TDB site? Can't download smack!

Can’t download free region firmware for BENQ DW1620…

I combed google and couldn’t find any other patched firmware for that model or other place where I can get it. :help:

Welcome to cdfreaks :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with downloading from
Just make sure your your browser sends a propper refferer, ie. your firewall must be disabled.

Or maybe even simplier, get a better browser like Firefox. :smiley:

BTW, please mind your wording next time.

Thanx! But I already have Opera - the best browser out there. :wink: Prolly my firewall…

And what’s wrong with my wording?.. :confused:

It just might be the first three letters in the header you used (just thinking).

LOL. I thought all cool dudes use it. :lmao:


I was just pissed I couldn’t download those. But now I know it was my firewall. Thanx guys!! It’s a great forum for me right from the start!! :bow:

LOL , I was thinking the same sometime ago , but decided that if that makes me cool , I’d rather prefer to be an idiot :bigsmile:

Just a piece of info - your firewall doesn’t necessarily have to be disabled. Some firewalls, like Norton, have a specific setting for allowing referrers with certain sites. :slight_smile: