WTB HP's dvd+R DL media

Is there anyone knows where I can get the HP’s dvd+r DL media beside HP’s US website? cos HP only sell and ship this media in USA. I am located in Australia. Thanks :bow:

why would u want that? hp tends to use low end media in there blank dvd media, plus i havent even seen hp DL media yet

yeah all the hp i have ever seen is just plain CMC so checkout cmc’s website and you will find what hp will be using :slight_smile:

or worst still optodisc :Z

Optodisc doesn’t make dual layer. So there probally CMC.
However that doesn’t give us a idea of the code so far because CMC has acces to multiple codes when it comes to dual layer.

well it is not very hard to find apparently

here is the linky… cmc even has a special HP media section. :wink:

cmc gives hp the worst of the worst lol , never again will i buy hp, i knew i shouldnt have bought the 100 pack 8x+r’s but for 35 i thought i would give them a try again, althou they burn decently good at 4x :slight_smile:

i have had pretty good luck with e01’s much better than with f01/af1’s

count urself blessed then if u get good burns with that :slight_smile:

CMC MAG E01 is very good media. It works well in many drives. The can be a little inconsistant between brands though. Still, great value for money, especially when you’re getting ((PI Max < 20) && (PIF Max < 4)) !