WSES.EXE, testing other drive



Can WSES be set to test my LTD-163D drive? I want to use it to check CDR's for errors. It's secondary slave, I can get the program to recognise it in "settings", but not run the C1-2 test.


Moved to lite-on forum, ppl there use wses more often :wink:


rgrimes, I have tried as well, it doesn’t work. WSES= Write Strategy Evaluation System, meant for writers only I gather.

And from your other post about your 48125W problems, you could try to downflash the 48X writer to a 40X to see if it helps. If it’s any consolation, my 40125s is causing me reading problems now, you are not alone. Happened shortly after I used wses but I don’t think it’s firmware related. I think I’ll be returning mine to the store pretty soon. You should do too probably.


I’ve been using WSES too, but the problems occur only under VS02, for me, whether on the 40x drive or the 48x one. The errors are consistant in both CDSpeed and WSES, and several coasters too at 40x. It’s clearly not a usable drive under the circumstances, but downgrading the 40x drive to ZSOK solves it.
The 48x drive was fine until I flashed the OTHER drive on the same IDE channel with VS02, a coincidence?