Wryd Nero

Hi there folks,

Ive got meself a Oc`ed LTR-48125W-originally an Iomega:bigsmile: and the newest Nero-Burning Rom

My problem has got to do wif continuing a session on a burnt cdrw-everytime i choose to continue a new session on a cdrw which already has data on it-a popup mesg tells me that some files from the previous burn has been removed
[probably from the TOC].
I did notice something however that the problem doesnt exist with Nero Express. How do i correct this glitch:confused: , i kinda prefer using Nero-Burning Rom.

Err…one more thing. This got to do wif M$ Winxp built in burning s/w. When i add files to the cdrw they reply by saying the disk is unusable-but it is surely working-100% sure.Could this be due to InCD or something like that?

`ben.:smiley: :wink: :confused:

If you check on the multisesion pane of the burn dialogue, you will see several choices for how to deal with old and new files.

I use to have problems myself with Multisession CD-RWs as sometimes when I added a session, the files I added would not appear when I reinserted the CD. Multisession CD-Rs never gave me any trouble.

For CD-RWs, I now use In-CD all the time without any problems so far. Just be use to use high speed (10x/12x) CD-RW discs to avoid waiting a long time to add files. These CDs work in the same way as a floppy or zip disc as you can save files directly to the CD. You’ll need a small UDF reader driver (on Nero’s home page) to access these CDs on a PC without In-CD or Windows XP.


Thx for your reply…but i dont feel the need to use IN-CD as yet. Dont find it convenient.

Thanks anyway…