WRT54G Router problems

WRT54G Router problems

I have the Linksys WRT54G Router, and sometimes it will just stop working. The solution is to simply unplug the power and then replug it and I have internet again. The strange thing is that while appears that it is working (The Power is ON and the Lights flashing), yet I cannot access the internet unless I do the unplug and replug it in.

This is unacceptable as I am recording a radio show or two off the internet and go to listen and find that I have no internet and no program and that I have to plug and replug the router to make it work again.

It just seems to stop on its own for no apparent reason. The pattern seems random and every couple of days or at varied times. The lights still show activity and the power is still on , but no internet. yet there will be days where I could have heavy use and no problems.

My question is, does anyone else have this problem with this router? Even when I am not doing activity, except say maybe recording a radio show off the internet it will stop working. Sometimes while everything is fine, and I go to access the internet the router will stop while I am trying to access a web page.

I know its the router, because a simple unplugging and replugging it in will instantly fix the problem. The cable modem does not seem to be the cause.

Are these units defective? Is there another router thats more reliable? Is there a software/firmware fix? Does anyone else has this problem? Should I turn off the wireless portion of it when I am not using it ( its encypted).

What about using a passthrough or splitter, main computer directly to the cable modem and then run the other computers through the router…like not using the router for the main computer? Is this possible? Your thoughts/comments?

Thanks in advance

Have you got the newest firmware on it? Could be dying.

That will be my next step, I need to go into it and see whats involved. I bought this router back in May of this year.

Its not like its happening everyday, just at random times.

Wondering if anyone had similiar problems with this router, or any router that they have…or is this a common router problem, or is there issues with certain Linksys routers.

well I have the same router and don’t have any problems. Tell me can u ping your router while the internet connection is down?
Also there is an administration tool on your router console check when it is down to see if it has any Ip assigned or smth. In case u do not find anything wrong you have 2 options

  1. Reset curent state and set it up again
    2 in case first doesn’t work search for a new firmware

This could be caused by something other than the router. What software firewall are you using? I had a similar problem with ZA Free, though with a different router – two out of four computers would lose the internet connection, the two (both wired) that had ZA Free installed. Try temporarily disabling the software firewall (you can enable WinXP firewall) and see if this helps. And I have heard that some USB devices can cause strange router problems. regards, gamma1

The thing is all the computers loose internet access when the router stops routing. It isn’t just one computer, that goes down.

Is it possible to use some kind of splitter where my main computer bypasses the router and the other computers use the router? How does one do that? I’m thinking that this could possibly help isolate the problem and still provide access to my main computer if the other computers past the router goes down.

Main computer uses Windows firewall, the other two McAfee.

My connections are cable, to cable modem , to router, to two wired computers, and one encypted wireless. Disabling the software firewall seems like a good idea.

Its not a everyday occurance, if it were…it would be easier to track down. This is just like the router seems to want to stop providing access to the internet while the power light is still on and the ethernet lights are still strobing/blinking.

I have the wrk54g with exactly the same problems. Going to look for update allso.

I’ve using the WRT54G for two years with no complaints at all.

Check all the setup parameters, specially the time-outs related.

Send and e-mail to Linksys and you will have some hints from them.


I check linksys web site for f/w upgrades every month or so…

Which version do you people have?

At the bottom…

2.0 here

Well mine works fine but I use Firmware Version: v3.03.1

HW version 2.2
FW version 4.30.5

Working flawlessly.


I have a feeling that those who are having issues either run P2P and/or gets their box overheated or happens to have the crippled version that uses vxworks.

Well i knew it. Soon as i said no problem here :stuck_out_tongue: My WRT54G shot the shit on me now. I can reload the disc to run after reset and it works for a few and then goes back to nuttin’. DiiZzy what router you run? What’s everyone having good luck with when running heavy downloads 24/7?

I actually use an old Athlon 500Mhz computer running FreeBSD (it runs a lot of stuff including acting as a firewall/router although a couple of friends are using WRT54G(GS) clones. One is using a WRT54GS… (v3.0 if I’m not mistaken) with DD-WRT (Mini edition) and it works great even when abusing it with P2P (moderate settings though). I’m not saying that it’ll cure anything although I know that it works very good and has a great uptime. It also supports traffic shaping which is nice :slight_smile:
Since DD-WRT is an custom firmware its on your own risk. Be sure to read the documentation before flashing (if you’re going to do it). You can also try to do a simple reset of the settings to see if it helps.

http://www.dd-wrt.com/dd-wrtv2/downloads/dd-wrt.v23 SP2/mini
http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Router_Slowdown#Solution_1 - Setup as in the picture.

It might be worth a shot. You probably also want to check if it gets overheated too…

Well i don’t know if it will come out of this but i will try the DD-WRT mini f/w then go with VPN and see what happens. What do i have to loose. thanks DiiZzy

Well i think i found my problem. When i disabled DHCP in the router and not in TCP/IP it goes bonkers so i think it’s fixed for now. If it goes out again i will go with DD-WRT f/w’s. Also it does get a little warm but i have a fan on it now.

I gave up and bought a Buffalo and have twice the range and it hasn’t missed a lick in a week.

I had the same problems some time ago also switched to another firmware HyperWRT +Tofu Firmware which is no longer updated as you can see at the bottom of the page. New project is HyperWRT Thibor. Still using the Tofu Firmware no more problems and some nice extra features.