WRS Compucheck Backup CD - Sysiphus 1.5 protected

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H40N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello @all,

We have the german Software WRS Compucheck 3.0 / 3.1 (from ECDL / bitmedia)in our Company.
We want to make a Backup of this Software, but the Software is Copy Protected by a Protectionism which is called Sysiphus 1.5 .
I tried very much to make a succesfull copy of the original CD because we want to give the CD to one of our apperentices. But first we want to make a Backup of the CD even if it got lost or everything elseā€¦
So i tried several Attempts to make a working backup of the original CD. I read almost every thread wich i could find at the Inet, but every attempt fails till now .
I used Blindwrite 6 with automatic Profile.
Alcohol 120% 1.9.2
And Clone CD & with several Profiles.
Can anyone give me some information how i can make a succesfull backup of this CD?
I have now invested 2 days of trying and reading every kind in Forums where i can find something over Sysiphus 1.5 a.s.o.
Your my last chance
Thanks for any comments!
If my thread is at the wrong place,please move it to the correct location. Thanks!

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