Wrong Turn



I get a 70-80% quality which is great but choosing any of the menu options,even scene selection, just plays a lame commentary version of the film.
Theyre mocking us.
Ive tried removing as much as I can and also including as much as I can.
I have tried latest copies of any and clone dvd and also dvd decrypter and fab dvd all to the same result
I also used virtual clonedvd to do an iso to burn later with the same problem happening
any ideas?


You’ve selected the right audio settings?
If i understand you correct you’ve an audio problem isn’t it?


No rapid,the audio is fine. The video quality is perfectly acceptable too.
The “annoying trailers” and warnings about dodgy video shops all subside.the distributors graphcs all float past, then the main movie starts.All is good.
But the film is overdubbed throughout with a half-assed commentary by the (possibly stoned) producer and and two of the actors.No matter what you choose from the menu you just get this.
There was an option in the Special Features section “Commentary off/on” but this has no effect.
What to do next?


@ evdama,

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting for information on how to configure and determine DVD audio streams. Refer to posting #6 comments.


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Big fat thanks to you guys
Got it.
It WAS an audio issue after all-I thought I had stumbled upon a complete additional version of the movie-duh!!
I guess you need to identify the cause of a problem to solve it…
I had unchecked 6ch sound in an attempt to minimize unnecessary material.The 2ch was the commentary.
Simple when you know how!

Have a good BH Mon if you can