Wrong timing when encoding from Divx3 to Divx5

I need a little help with VirtulaDub. I have a movie encoded in Divx3. I want to extract a part of the movie so I deleted the other parts from the movie using VirtualDub. I choosed MPEG Layer-3 (56kbit/s, 22,050 hz, stereo) as audio compression and Divx5.0.2 as video codec. The problem is the audio of the extracted movie is not correct. The sound comes about two seconds after.

What do you think I’m doing wrong?

Try chopping off the bits of the avi you dont want and then save out the remaining bit at original format (ie leave both Video and Audio at Direct Stream copy ). Play it with WMP or other, does it play okay and with audio in sync? If so fire up VD load in the new avi and then do the audio compression.

ChickenMen I tried what you told and the audio still doesn’t sync in both Direct Stream copy mode.

What should I do?

I’ve had similar experiences with lower bitrates-mp3. Try 128kbps for audio stream and use video direct stream copy, it might work.

Thanks for the advice Wannes. But somehow the max bitrate I see in MPEG Layer-3 code is 56kbit/s, 24,000 hz, stereo , even when “Show all formats” is checked. I don’t have any 128kbit?

That’s because you are using the standard windows mp3 encoder. It’s limited to 56kbps (copyright bullshit). However, the windows encoder can be “replaced” with the Lame encoder or equivalent, which adds higher bitrates. Search on Lame encoder with google and you’ll get what you need :slight_smile: