Wrong sound

I’m trying to rip dvd that has chapters (using smartripper,dvd decrypter) but for some reason every time I try to rip the vob files off, the sound does not match the video only one of the vob’s is ok

any help or a clue to possible settings would be most appreciated!!

thanx in advance:confused:

With DVD Decrypter, the default settings are fine, ummmmmm which dvd rom do you have, also post some of ur system specs, please.



asus e616 dvd-rom
ga-7vtxh mobo
athlon 1600+xp
litey 24102b
256megs ddr

Try another movie other than that, if the problem still occurs, umm then it maybe a hardware fault because I have copied many movies and no problem has ever occured for me.


The audio is there, it all depends on the software you use to play them, and how it actually finds the audio streams within the vob files.
If you are going to be playing from you hdd, i suggest you perform a full backup of the dvd using ISO mode and Daemon Tools, or rip all of the files to a folder and use the ‘play from folder’ option that is present in powerdvd xp and windvd 4.

I myself have copied many dvd’s but this one has me beat for a start the vob’s are not in play order and some play ok when ripped to my hard drive but when I dvd-avi them, they do not match at all

and yes everything works ok (with shrek!) anyway!