Wrong Section maybe? But need to split a data iso (Not Movie)

So I have this 6.4GB Iso that i have been writing to dual layer media but the media is so expensive I was wondering is there a way to split it onto 2 DVD-R’s yet still keep it all usable i.e. I need it to say “Please insert Disc 2 to continue” or whatever.
Thanks in advance

Just bumping this thread has nobody really got a clue how I can do this?

You mean you want it to play like a game when it would say ‘insert disc two’?

If you mean just for storage, you could just use WinRAR and when its looking for the next pack change discs.

No what I am actually doing is trying to copy this workshop information disc for boats its available on 2 discs from certain places but I have a copy on 1 dual layer disc I also have the 2 disc version in .iso format but thats the old version so i want to try to make the new version fit across 2 discs but so that I could give it to one of my customers and they could install it on their PC but like it was meant to be on 2 discs so when the second disc is required then it asks for the second disc and so on
Thanks for the reply

kfk file splitter rebuilder

I think ISO Buster can do this.

Thanks for that I tried it but unfortunately this is for files only it wont work with a disc image as I tried and I need it to be installable from the two discs that I put it on. Gonna check out isobuster now