Wrong screen capture of "Disc Info" in CD-DVD Speed

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Recently I noticed that version of CD-DVD Speed have an issue in saving the picture when I select the “Disc info” tab. It happen only with the “Disc Info” tab and not in “Disc Quality” or “Benchmark” tabs. Closing and running again CD-DVD speed doesn’t solve the issue.

Apparently version 4.60 is not affected. Do someone have the same problem or it’s only me?

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I have this problem as well, which I posted about 2 weeks ago.

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Something similar (i.e. a small part of the window) happens in the capture of the TRT window.

Where you have the progress thing (“Transfer rate test started…” and the time taken etc), it’s as if one line of that information has been blanked out.


In the picture I posted, the grey area is the “save As” dialog box. It seems that the picture is acquired in a wrong way, but the strangest thing is that it only occur in “disc info” tab :confused:

I have problems when switching from BenQ drive to Lite-On drive. I still have Advanced tab for BenQ on it. I have to close and re-open it after choosing LO drive. Also i cannot open graph to 20X on Create Tab. It works for Quality test though. is in need of work

I noticed the same thing :iagree:

The problem sometimes appears when the “Save As” window is on top of your Nero CD-DVDSpeed main window, and you are browsing folders before you save the screenshot.

To overcome this, until Erik fix the problem, after you click the small disc icon drag your “Save As” windows so that it is not on top of the main window and then you can browse folders or save the screenshot. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion [B]Zevia[/B] :slight_smile:

I have found there are a load of problems with CD-DVD Speed v4.70, so much so I have put a link back on my desktop to the 4.60 version, as that one can burn at the speed I want without just getting faster and faster.

The other thing I find is a real PITA is when I do the QS scans it gets the type of disk wrong … often. I burn a disk and then do a QS every time so I have a bench mark for the future to check my disks against… rambling…

When I have done a scan it gets the disk type wrong some of the time, it either does not put the disk type in or just defaults to MCC 004 that might be because I do >100 MCC 004 burns a month and only about 30~40 TY burns

I’ve seen some of these problems with CDSpeed as well. In particular, it will not let me burn MCC 004 in my LG H22N @ 12x. Now, I’m not 100% sure it’s CDS, but I’ll test.

Lenny Nero,
Is your problem with the disk type perhaps autorun related?

Its strange you say about the 12x as I wanted to do this the other day and was sure I have at this speed before (I use my LG @ 8x to do 90% of my burns) and looking back thru I had got a new batch of MCC 004 that the QS was the same at 12x times as at 8x (just a bit more jitter) but I only had 4, 8, 16x come up, thought there was also 2.4x missing as well.

My main gripes are when saving after a Quality Scan as the explorer save window cant be re-sized anymore and this other problem of it not getting the MID right, or just not at all, and the not staying at the marked speed when burning an image.

Apart from these few things I have found with LG and LiteOn drives it as good, if not better.