Wrong product

We live in spain and yesterday bought what we thought was a dvd burner, turns out I think we have bought a dvd writer which is not the same thing? As we have thrown away packaging and cannot return it is there anyway we can convert it or buy something to add to burn dvds?

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They are the same thing

Can you post its name and model number please?

DVD writer and DVD burner are synonymous. Writer is more the technical name, while burner is more commonly used in the spoken language (especially on forums like ours).

If you mean that you thought you bought a device capable of creating DVDs and it turns out to be only capable of creating CDs (don’t know if these are still sold though), then you are out of luck.

But as deanimator asked, what is the brand and model of the device you bought (it may show on your receipt). That would help us determine what kind of device it actually is.

ps greetings from Madrid…only visiting though