Wrong polarity


i think i inserted a power supply with the wrong polarity (negative instead of positive) and now my laptop does not recognise the power supply (with the correct polarity) anymore. it seems as nothing is inserted.

is this repairable? what can i do? cause it seems that no-one can/want to repair it in my country…


Ouch! Apart from the power supply problem, is the laptop working ok?
It is possible that you have a blown fuse or diode. Unfortunately, they are usually soldered to the PCB.

Check the power supply with a volt-meter. If it is showing the correct voltage, it is probably ok.

Unless you are experienced with SMT components, you should try to find someone to help you to fix it. However, if you are determined to have a go, try to find the fuse on the PCB and check it’s resistance in both directions with a multi-meter. If the resistance is more than a fraction of an Ohm, the fuse is blown and will need to be replaced. Modern surface mount fuses look quite different to the glass and ceramic fuses that we are all familiar with.

Good Luck!

Google it, maybe someone has made the same mistake. Usually those connectors can only go in one way!?

the laptop seems to be working fine otherwise except for the power supply which is not charging the laptop anymore and the battery which is empty.

thanks for the advice.
i check it.

i was also told that i might have to change the motherboard :-/…