Wrong order dilemma (memorex vs ritek)

Hi all,

I went through lots of posts, but I still can’t make up my mind.
This is the situation: I ordered a spindle of 25 DVD-R 8x Ridata (RitekG05) disks, but I got 50 (!) DVD-R 8x Memorex (CMC Mag AE1) disks.

I made a call to the company, but they advised me to keep the Memorex disks instead of returning them for the ridata’s.

Now it seems that the memorex disk do well in the nec 3500 with f/w 2.18, but I still wonder if they are good quality, ie will they still be fine when reading them over a year or so, for CMC doesn’t really have a good name.

So what do you people think I should do ?

thanks for reading and answering :wink:

Wish I could answer the quality as far as data keeping in concerned. I would suspect that since they are Memorex’s that would be your safest bet and I’d just use them. Especially if you got sent an extra 25 for free for your troubles, hehe. The NEC drives just love CMC Magnetics discs as well - I’m tempted to order a 50 pack of Memorex’s at newegg here in a week or two myself. :slight_smile:

Ritek is disappointing me more and more these days, just such variable quality - I’m find on my RicohJPNR01’s (in the BenQ or NEC) up to the 4 gigabyte mark, after that getting a lot of avalaching on these discs… luckily the way I’ve been doing movies lately doesn’t require it to completely fill the disc so no big deal really for me but still annoying.

OK, thanks, I’m almost convinced now to keep the memorex spindle.

But I certainly would sleep better if anyone could reassure me these discs are good at data-keeping. :wink:

Rule #1: No optical disc is 100% safe for archiving. Always back up your backups.

Yes, the NEC 3500 loves CMC and will burn them flawlessly all day long. Personally, I would rather have the CMC over the Ritek any time.

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

Yep, CMC disks work very well with the latest NEC/Pioneer drives.

Their longitivity should be good too. All my old CMC CD-Rs still work as well as the day I burnt them.