Wrong name for securom protected games on a dvd+r dl. it shows needs rmps2_0

when rmps emulation is checked in alcohol. tested with my backups of just cause, neverwinter nights 2, splinter cell double agend. but it works for safedisc protected games on a dvd+r dl. tested on battle for middle earth 2. on single layers my backups of securom and safedisc protected games on a dvd+r works without a problem.
i found this in the changelog for the latest version for alcohol:

  1. FIX. RMPS emulation problem for DVD+R media that occurred in some DVD drives.

i think it is not fixed for 100%. for single layers, yes :wink: but not for double layers :disagree:

here is my system log:
System report removed by zamiell

Please post a complete system report, with nothing removed so I can pass this on to the devs. Thanks.

Actually don’t bother. You are using an illegal version of Alcohol and therefore you will get no support. Support relies on sales not theft so stop wasting our time and the time of other members here.