Wrong information on avi size?

hi all. this is my first post. i’ve run into a slight problem and this site seems the best place for it. i have 10 avi’s i would like to burn onto a dvd. when i highlight the 10 files and choose properties, it tells me they are around 3.6 gigs. however when i get on nero 7 and choose make a dvd, add the files and it comes up i’m over 4.3 gigs.

at this point i opted to try just 1 file that was a 290 mb avi, i added it to make a dvd and it came up just under 900 mb on the disk. am i doing something wrong, or is the information on the files i have incorrect? i’m actually in in the process of converting them to nero digital and seeing if the new sizes will stay at the 300 mb per file size i’m aiming for. any input on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks

When you choose to make a DVD the size of the source file is not relevant. The only thing that matters is the [B]running time[/B]. I can make a 90 minute AVI that can range in size from 500MB to 6GB if I want. It would take a video bitrate of about 6500 kb/s to fill the disc. Either the 500MB or 6GB version would produce identical results.

As noted above , it’s the running time…Use a bitrate calc, and input the total running time of your 10 AVIs, and you’ll get the bitrate needed to fit a chosen disc size…


ok cool. so i’ve used a bitrate calculator and determined that i would need a bit rate of 1007kb/s, however, i am still having difficulty with the numbers. are you telling me that even tho when i choose the file and it takes up 750 mb of space on the dvd, that is irrevelant? also, do you recommend any specific programs for changing bitrate? i came across river past video cleaner pro, and upon running the program on 1 file, it whittled it down from 300 mb to 121 mb and has a new bitrate that apparently fit to my needs, but when i used the dvd editor in nero, its still coming up at using 700 mb’s of space. am i missing something obvious? thanks


also, you say that this scenario is all about the length of the movie. is there a standard length that 4.3 gig dvd will hold?

i’ve used a bitrate calculator and determined that i would need a bit rate of [B]1007kb/s[/B],

Forget about it. For mpeg2, 1007kb/s is totally unacceptable. As an example Nero Vision will not even allow such a low bitrate, it will go no lower than 1691kb/s, and at that bitrate it switches to Half D1.