Wrong Flash PLEASE HELP nec 3520a

i added this thread to the newbie forum and they told me to post it hereso here it goes

hello all i recently purchased a nec 3520a dvd burner from newegg.com and is decided to upgrade the firmware…big mistake…i unknowingly flashed the firmware to firmware for a 3500ag and now i cannot flash back i have tried flashing utilities and other such things such as binflash but when i use it it says that the firmware is for a different drive :a i would like to know if i could either bypass this or somehow get the firmware back to original…PLEASE HELP ME the burner is not even 3 weeks old!!!


  1. download and extract
  2. run Binflash + LD3520 Beta 2.exe
  3. Hit flash

Try flashing your drive in pure dos mode.

  1. make a dos boot floppy
  2. Put in a different floppy
    download and extract these two files
    copy 3520beta2.bin and NEC3520A.EXE to the second floppy
  3. boot your machine off the first floppy
  4. then do
    NEC3520A -sec -mas -flash 3520beta2.bin if secondary master
    NEC3520A -sec -sla -flash 3520beta2.bin if secondary slave
    NEC3520A -pri -mas -flash 3520beta2.bin if primary master
    NEC3520A -pri -sla -flash 3520beta2.bin if primary slave

i’ve tried both of those techniques and the first one says firmware is for a different device…and thesecond technique says that the drive does not respond or something like that but the drive does work…i would just like to know if there is a bypass or a wok around to BINFLASH where i can use firmware for a differnet device seeing as that my 3520a was flashed with 3500ag firmware…so it thinks its a 3500ag…but its actually a 3520a!!! god i feel like such a ass for flashing the drive

How did you manage to flash the wrong firmware in the first place, which flashing program did you use?

Maybe Liggy can help… If you’re drive still respondes to the commands for flashing it might be saved and restored to normal.

i used the flasher from the nec website i saw firmware updates and was like cool and not looking i click and downloaded the 3500ag and flashed the drive…

Offical NEC firmware allowing a cross flash :confused:

LOL… one more reason you SHOULD use the unofficial flashers :wink: Send Nec a email… and ask them how this is possible… and request a new drive. :wink:

yeah i dunno but i’m 100% positive that i downloaded the firmware and flasher combo at the nec optical website here


and i downloaded the 3500ag firmware…and i’m sure that the computer and the drive thinks its a 3500ag because the device manager says that its a 3500ag but it was a 3520a before and i’m positive of that because i still have the recipe from newegg and i have a pretty good memory lol

It should not have been possible to crossflash the 3520. they are quite different drives. The checks, the offical flasher submits to the drive. this should
not have been possible. Are you sure you started out with a 3520?

foshucka have you burned anything with your 3520@3500?

if it has crossflashed, it shouldn’t work. they have different chipsets.

You’re right Dee, but wouldn’t it be strange if it was actually working like a 3500.

specially if it came from NEC themself :smiley:

yeah i just burned some dvd’s thats about it but i am damn sure that i had a 3520a because i bought it from newegg

Check what it says on the drive itself…

foshucka, what does your label say…

Edit. Hmm, while I was loading pic, Quikee2 just asked this… :smiley:

While it is technically feasible to put 3500 firmware on a 3520, or even the other way round, doing so will render the drive inoperable, because in both cases the firmware will have the correct checksum, but will be gravely incompatible. A drive in such a state will be unrecoverable using standard software flashing tools.

Cross flashing is not something the tools from NEC will do, we suspect you are confused.

Brother Vlad

Consider the implications…if it is indeed possible to flash a 3520 to a 3500 then it should be possible to flash a 3500 to a 3520. I’m drooling over the possibilty… :cool:

Mostly likely he was sent a 3500 instead of a 3520 by accident…still one can hope!!! :eek:

edit: dam… brother vlad ruined all my hopes while I was writing my post…sniff, sniff

Ouch, that’s really bad.