Wrong firmware



Hi im new to this. I wrongly necflashed my liteon SDW 431S DVD±RW slim type with the wrong firmware. Now i have the 2.22 and the original one was 4.60. The driver is the NEC 6500A. The dvd works in windows, it’s a lil slow but the bios dont recognize it anymore. How do i flash it back to the 4.60. I already tried it in windows and in dos but it says that cannot do it coz it says the driver and the firmware dont match. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot


What has the 431 to do with the nec 6500???


Did you flash this 6500 fw to the 431??? And how, with exactly what flasher?


On the packard bell site they say i have a lite on dvd player, but if i use Nero it says i have a Nec 6500a. I flashed it with Necflash from 4.60 to 2.22 and now i cant go back to 4.60, and the bios dont see my driver anymore.


You probably will get IDE #1 error now because the drive has a wrong firmware for it’s connection.
Easiest way would be to buy a adaptor to connect the drive into a desktop pc and flash with the correct firmware. A 4.xx firmware!


That would be a great idea, what should i ask for? A cable to connect a dvd rom for a portable to a desktop pc? And this happened just because i couldnt burn Memorex DvD…dang! Do u know why when i burn dvd sometimes when i read it on my home dvd player it blocks or i cant see very well at certain moments usually at the end? and i use dvd shrink at 4300MByte maximum. Thanks a lot


That is a media issue then, that’s why I would stay away from Memorex! :wink:

You’d need an adaptor slimline type > 3.5" IDE.


sometimes it happens even with Verbatim…lol well thanks a lot for your help. I hope i’ll fix it coz i dont want to buy a new dvd-rom even coz i cant find a universal one.


Check some threads in the nec section. :wink:


it happens even with my extern philips dvd-rom…i dunno, im prolly uncapable…:slight_smile: