Wrong firmware on mp3: HELP!


I’ve buyed an mp3 player on Ebay a few years ago, it worked fine, but now I wounted to upgrade the firmware. I’ve downloaded the firmware from: http://www.wilson.co.ltd.xfou.com/#firmware
because I’ve an S1 Mp3 Player, I had version 3.0.41. and now I’ve 3.0.42… When I push it on(I plug the usb in the pc), I can’t do anything!!!
Only when I press on the volumebutton, there appeirs: Hold.

I saved my old firmware, but I can’t change it again, because my pc, don’t recognize the mp3 anymore!!!

pls, help me!!!

Tnx, pj

i’m with the same problem !
But my mp3 is now with sansun_a208v.bim and the computer don’t recognize the mp3 anymore too !
if you get some answer please help me too !

Tnx !

i belive i can help you
open: add new hardware then when it ask you to finde the driver you go to MP3 Player Utilities\RDiskUpdate\driver
it will find the drive!
mabe it works
later you change the firmware 3.0.42 to 3.0.41 wich you saved !!
and, by the way, i need the 3.0.41 can you send it to me !?

Tnx !!

i need the 3.0.41 can you send it to me? 10x