Wrong Firmware Installed

I have a Sony Vaio PCG-FR415B laptop. I recently tried to update the firmware on my QSI SBW242U cd/dvd rewritable drive but installed the wrong firmware intended for a Dell Latitude.

I downloaded the correct firmware update program from the Vaio Link website and ran it. It told me that the current firmware was incorrect for the laptop and then spat the cd drive tray out and stopped doing anything.

Is there a way of fixing this so I can actually install the correct firmware?

Im at my wits end…:sad:


Is the drive currently functional? If so, unless you are having an issue, I’d leave it be. If it isn’t working, I doubt there is anything you can do…at least not in my experience.

it works on some discs but not others. Also, it’s lost its burning power and wont burn to any disc (cd or dvd) that i throw at it. It’s also stopped recognising my games discs that previously worked.

I’ve reinstalled XP and done all updates but it still plays up…

There has to some sort of solution, other than ripping the drive out and throwing it under a train…

Thanks again

Most firmware packages won’t even install on an incorrect drive. So even though the laptop model was incorrect, it may have been the same type of drive. There are typically no fixes for botched firmware updates. If it fails, you are left with replacing the drive.

On a side note, firmware updates typically don’t affect the drives ability to read commercial media. From your description, it simply sounds like the drive is failing and needs to be replaced. Drives don’t last forever, and laptop drives have an even shorter life span than regular PC drives.

i think you could be right…ill try burning a disc and see if that works…

if not, then ill have to shell out for a new one…

Thanks ever so for your help, much kudos