Wrong Firmware flashed: NEC ND-5100 to ND-6500A

Hi there

I have flashed a wrong firmware for my Dell Inspiron 8600 slim-line DVD burner NEC ND-5100. Now I cannot burn any DVDs! I still can burn CDs.

When I will try to go back to the old firmware, the binflash tool report: Firmware is for a different drive

OK, here my questions:

  1. Is it possible to go back to the 5100 firmware?
  2. What is actually the best firmware for this drive?
  3. Is there an update available for the 6500 firmware to use with the 5100 drive?

Many thanks for your help.

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I highly doubt your drive would still be working if it was a 5100 before. 5100 and 6500 drives are completely different. What might have happened is that you flashed a 6500 firmwares on a 6100 drive, but to be sure you should have a look at the drive label.
You may need to change an internal ID from 6100 to 6500 with my NEC Drive Converter tool to make everything work with the 6500 firmware.

Yeahhhh correct. I have changed the ID with your converter and upload the newest firmware… and IT works :slight_smile:

Many THANKS liggy!!!

Best Wishes