Wrong chapter positions



Hi, I’m having some trouble with the chapter positions. I demuxed the dvd into the celltimes, video, audio and than muxed it again with muxman. In my output the chapter transitions occur faster than the movie itself. I only have this problem with a NTSC movie.
My guess is that because it is a NTSC movie, the framerates in the celltimes.txt don’t fully match the real chapter positions in the movie…
Is there a way I could fix this?


btw. blutach, I’ve tried posting on Doom, still no succes. (I still get the message that I don’t have permission.) I’ve made a new account and I’m hoping for the best…


daan, you need to wait 5 days to post on Doom9.

Make sure your celltimes are calculated by reference to 30 frames per second (and not 25 as it is for PAL). Post a log of the mux. Remember, the cells need to start on an I frame or muxman will move them to the nearest I frame.



Hi, thanks for your reply Blutach. However, it turned out that the chapters in the original were already that way… :rolleyes:. My mistake!
Thanks for the response though.
BTW, I’m finally registered on Doom forum. (named KeyMaster92).



Look forward to seeing you there :slight_smile: