Wrong burner for bit-setting?

I just got my 107D, and looking through the forum I’m getting the idea that I bought the wrong burner to do what I need to do. I’m an artist sending out duplicated DVDs to lots of different people and I want to avoid compatibility problems. I’ve read that burning +R discs using bit-setting will mean that most people will be able to play the discs on their stand-alone players (as opposed to -R discs which only have an 80% compatibility rate?)
A friend recommended the 107D and instead of doing the research first I was a dope and I just bought it. So my question: is it true that’s their’s no way to bit-set with this drive? Do I need to buy another one, and if so which one would people recommend? NEC? Lite-On?
And just to complicate things; I work on a Macintoh G4-400, AGP Graphics model. Will I be able to do the bit-setting on this computer? Any Mac users out there with experience in this?

Just use high quality -R disc, TY, Maxell, and that will give you 90%+ compatibility.

Not true, I used Maxell DVD-R media, I have a DVD player that won’t play it unless I bitset DVD+R… doesn’t make a difference in quality of disc if the player sees it as a DVD-R and doesn’t play that booktype… get you a NEC 2500a load it with herries firmware, only buy dvd+r media and bitset it to DVD-Rom and you will be a happy camper. Hell I have a 100 DVD-R , that I need to get rid of(you want them;)) because I always used DVD-R, until I fell in love with my darling BitSetting.

The LiteOn’s also support BitSetting.

Hi! I have an identical Mac. (Desktop 400, AGP graphics) I have a Lacie branded drive, running FW 1.10. The DVD’s I burn work perfectly on commercial DVD players, but won’t work on any of my Macs!
I have spent several hours today researching the issue. So far, it appears that ‘bitsetting’ is the potential solution. I have found one bitsetting program (DVDPlus Tool) but it doesn’t help my Mac play the DVD’s. I haven’t yet installed it on a 700MHZ iMac and a 600G3 iBook I also have.
If I have any success on the problem, I will let you know. If you find out anything, I hope you will post your success.

Hi O.
DVDPlusTool won’t do you any good: as far as I understand it it only works with older burners made by Ricoh (I guess it’s possible there’s a Ricoh in your lacie case?) I’m still doing research on this, but so far it seems like our only option for bit-setting is to put a burner into a PC and flash it with hacked firmware - using DOS! Nightmare! I’m probably going to buy an NEC later this week and try my luck with the DOS thing. You do understand that (again; as far as I can tell) you have to do the bit-setting when you burn the disk. Seems like somebody could figure out a way to fool your player with software instead, but I haven’t seen anyting like that so far…