Wrong Audio after blu-ray decrypt

I apologize in advance if this has been addressed. My search turned up no mention of this problem.

I am located in the U.S. and need English audio.

The following are blu-ray discs.

After decrypting Fantastic Four I get Spanish audio.

After decrypting The Transporter I get French audio.

Both videos play fine using PowerDVD Ultimate.

Since there is no “Main Movie” to choose a language, is there a current workaround?

Is there another program where I can “strip” the unwanted audio out of the .m2ts file?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Sounds like the “Monolingualism Can Be Cured” folks are trying to send you a message.:slight_smile: Are the English streams still present but just no longer the default, or missing altogether? I assume you are using DVDFab HD Decrypter. I’m afraid I can’t offer much advice beyond upgrading to the latest release if you haven’t already. I have not seen other mentions of this problem either. You might try an email to Fengtao describing the problem: fengtao(at)dvdidle(dot)com, supplying a link to your post or the movie titles, regions and symptoms.

Thanks signals.

I am using the latest DVDFab HD Decrypter.

The English audio is present because PowerDVD plays the video flawlessly.

I will take your advice and email fengtao.

Which BD drive have youused?

I do not want to play the files on a player.

I have a TVIX 4100SH media streamer that I use to stream across my network.

DVDFab only copy Full Disc for Blu-ray, and it doesn’t change Audio information, I think it’s a problem of PowerDVD.

Can you change the Audio to English in PowerDVD?

Both discs are Region A.

PowerDVD plays the decrypted movies just fine.

The problem is playing the files across the network as a stream.

In other words, if I play the 00000.m2ts file the language is incorrect. All other .m2ts files (00001 - 00043) have English audio.

I am guessing that all of the language tracks are still in the 00000.m2ts file. When the file is played, the audio track that is played is chosen internally by the streaming device (TVIX 4100SH).

In future releases of your program, it would be nice to choose the language of choice for the movie and strip all others from the final file.

Is there another program I can use to remove the unwanted language files from the 00000.m2ts file?


Sorry I never seen a Region [B][U]A[/U][/B] disc do you mean Region [B]1[/B]

@HRTraveler: I’ve used DVD Fab HD and played the m2ts (not the titles you mentioned above) without problem with English and other audio. Maybe you can try another decrytper just to reconfirm.

@StromJumper: Blu-ray region codes uses different scheme, eq A, B and C.

Per your request I used AnyDVD to decrypt the file and I get the exact same results.

Wow, this is very frustrating.

When you played the m2ts files, did you play just the stream or use PowerDVD to play the blu-ray structure?

My goal is to take all of my blu-ray discs, decrypt them, and place the resulting .m2ts files on my server to play on my TVIX.

For this to work, it appears, all unnecessay audio tracks need to be removed from the .m2ts file during decryption.

Can you try playback with Nero ShowTime?

I have Showtime LE, it states I need to purchase an additional plugin to get the audio it is trying to decode. I dropped $19 for the plugin, but I still get a message saying I need a plugin. Perhaps I purchased the wrong plugin, but it still does not play any audio at all.

I won’t be giving Nero any more of my money.

I will only be using PowerDVD for my computer viewing.