Written DVD cannot be read on desktop DVD player

Hi folks,
I have a i3 3 GHz PC with 4 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD.
If I burn a DVD with the built in LG DVD writer it can be read absolute perfectly in the DVD writer, but I can not be read in my desktop DVD player. ( Samsung D-530 )
The DVD player can read factory made DVDs without any problem.
I could not use my written DVD on an other desktop DVD player as well. I tried different DVD writing applications, I tried to change my DVD writer to Samsung brand, or changed the DVD media but the result is the same.
Earlier I had an old slow DVD writer and these DVD players can read the disks which were created by that.
I tried to chose a slower writing speed in my writing software but it did not help. The slowest speed I can choose from is 4X.

So… the device that burns it can also read it, but no other device can?

This is typically an indication of a FAILURE TO FINALIZE issue, or it’s a MULTI-SESSION issue (on a DVD+ disk).

The burning unit knows the disk needs to be finalized and might be able to do it now (or later) but every other device is looking for a “The End” signal, which doesn’t exist.

Check under Options or Setup, and see if you can locate FINALIZE or MULTI-SESSION choices. FINALIZE will insert the needed “The End” signal, or uncheck the MULTISESSION? option to insert this ending code.

I always use the FINALIZE option during the writing of the DVDs.
The exact situation is: The written DVD can be read in the DVD writer or in other PCs, but I can NOT use them in desktop DVD players.

@ bigtibi , Just to let you know instead of desktop DVD player you should use standalone DVD player . It’s what most use & less confusing .
For your problem :
I usually check to make sure a DVD is closed with Nero CD-DVD Speed .It seems you know but it doesn’t hurt to check .
Are you using the same brand & type DVD media that you were with your old writer ?
Are you using Verbatim ?
By type I mean + or - R & is your standalone DVD player capable of playing both types?
I also take it that the LG wasn’t writing readable DVD’s for the standalon before the attempted crossflash to Samsung.

Hi Cholla,
Thanks for improving my English, I am not a native speaker ( Hungarian )
I will check again the “closed” state when I get home, but I use the same settings as before.
Currently I tested Maxell and SONY DVD-R and DVD+R media with no success.
I have a same type of Maxell disks that was created my older ASUS DVD writer and they work perfectly on my standalone DVD player as well. The ASUS writer was an IDE type not SATA, and I used the writing speed 2X instead of 4X.

Hi bigtibi , I try to correct politely as here I never know if a poster is from the US or other country. Sometimes I can tell but you actually do English well .
There was a time I didn’t know standalone was the correct term & English is the only language I speak. Even then what I speak is actually American with the Texas dialect. Sometimes I have to ask or look up words a poster from the UK uses since they actually speak English .
Too explain further the word desktop is often used in connection with the computer itself . So someone might think you mean an external DVD drive for a computer.
I usually write my DVDs at 8X with no problems . That is for + or - R .
I use Verbatim at least as long as I have a supply of the older good ones.
I have used some off brand RW DVDs that seem to work .

I recommend you try to write a DVD with ImgBurn .
You should be able to open a VIDEO_TS folder & build it strait to a DVD disc.
You need to use Build mode .