Written data CD-RW comes up as blank?

I’m doing the year book magazine for school, I burned the whole first half of articles and images for the publishers with XP’s standard “write-files-to-disc” method onto a Sony Grey CD-RW CD, I handed it in to the publishers and they gave it back as it didn’t work on their computers, I tried it again at school, home and several friends to see if their drive was the problem, to give you the big picture - I insert the CD-RW into the drive, no dialog or prompt box comes up, I go into “My Computer” and click but no response so I right-click explore and the disc is empty, when I right-click properties it says the disc is RAW and the disc diagram is all solid blue, I have been researching all day as it’s vital I get it back as I deleted the back up to make room for the other set of files (2nd part of the year book), the master school recycle bin is empty so it is really gone. I have downloaded and several programs after reading CD-DVD recovery articles, I attempted to recover my CD with CDRoller and various other programs,I tried the trial version of ISOBuster and managed to get a .iso but when I attempted the recovery options it said I needed to get the PRO version and I don’t have the money to buy the program, is there any possibility the disc isn’t finalized and I can finalize it on my computer and then give it to the publishers working and readable, the .ISO is 800mb (I don’t know why it’s so big my files were only about 100-150mb) I would happily upload to RS.com or a file sharing sight for someone to try recover the files with their PRO version of ISObuster or another method?? So many people are depending on me and the disc contains around 80 hours of my own time as I have been performing work for the magazine all year, please help me out, I can upload the .iso image asap if anyone is willing to download it and attempt something, thankyou in advance!! :doh: