Writing with SL 16X, DL media



Hi, I am currently using Verbatim 8X media. Good picture quality even on my 53" big screen. Both of my burners will write @ 16X in -R. At Sam’s Club I pay $39.95/100 SL. For $42.95/100 I can get SL 16X. I have read posts & opinions vary. Is there really much time saved writing with 16X, and is there any picture quality loss writing at 16X speed? I have been very satisfied writing with 8X. What are your experiences using DL blanks? Are they worth the xtra money? Thanks. :cool:


I bought a pack of 25 +R X16 media to give my burner a try out. I found that I really only save a couple of minutes, as the speed ramps up to X16. Where as when I burn using X8 media, it gets to X8 very quickly (round about 9 minutes or so total burn), so unless a couple of minutes is really that important to you, until the price of X16 media equals X8 media, personally I wouldn’t bother.

I have good burns at X16 when I checked with Nero CDSpeed - I would guess a lot would depend on you burner/firmware/media combination.