Writing visible images to data side of DVD/Bluray

I’m looking at options to burn images directly to the data side of DVD-Rs and BD-Rs at an extremely high resolution. (As in, to the accuracy of 1x1 pit/land per pixel. This is smaller than the human eye can see, but this is exactly what I need.) If there’s no system to do this already, then pre-scrambling the data so I can print bits in the exact order I want would also suffice.

For starters, I’ll list a couple of resources of writers/software with similar features as to what I’m looking for:

  1. DiscT@2 – Yamaha’s version of this feature for CD-R, originally released with the CRW-F1 CD burner. Exclusively burns images created with Nero. Requires compatible drives.

  2. Labelflash - The sequel to DiscT@2 for DVD. This is also primarily supported only by Nero, but there is also one piece of software called IndexMaker that supports this feature. You can find it on Labelflash’s official site via the wayback machine. I’m trying to hack this software to get it to behave more like I want it to, but not much luck so far. (Nor am I sure if it’s even possible software-only.) Also requires compatible drives.

  3. Labeltag – Also for DVD, this one draws what I believe to be exclusively text in a ring. I don’t have a Labeltag drive so I haven’t been able to test it out. I believe this one works by creating data that ends up as an arranged set of bits that form an image after Eight to Fourteen Modulation is applied. If anybody has a compatible drive/the software, I’d be very curious to see exactly how many settings it lets you play with.

  4. This instructable which discusses pre-scrambling data in order to arrange bits as necessary to draw images onto a CDR. This is in beta and the end results are pretty messy, but I believe it’s on the right track.

So, onto the specific questions.

  1. Is there a way to prescramble sectors for DVD/BD such that I can print bits in exactly the order I want?
  2. Is there any software/hardware at all that can draw on the data side of a bluray?
  3. Does anybody have the Labeltag software and a labeltag compatible drive?
  4. Is there somebody who can help take a look at the labelflash indexmaker software and determine if there’s a way to directly change the resolution/printing scale?

Thank you very much for your time.

Hmm. Sorry for the double post, but I’d also like to ask:

When writing discs with a regular burner, I understand that data is modulated with eight-to-fourteen modulation. So I guess this means a string of pure 1s or pure 0s is actually impossible?

I remember hearing that disct@2 and labelflash actually do not use EFM modulation, which might explain why they’re able to make such clean images.

If this is the case, I suppose for DVDs I should focus specifically on getting labelflash-enabled drives to work how I want. Still no idea where to even start for Bluray.