Writing to video media was not successfull

I’m trying to burn the newly released Kill Bill Vol.2. I’m running CloneDVD v2.4.3.1 and AnyDVD The burner is an external NEC DVD-RW ND-2500A external USB device. The system is Win2K SP4 with plenty of CPU and Memory. I can decrypt and save the DVD, however, when it comes time to burn, about 10 minutes in I get a mesage that says:
Writing to video media was not successful
media write error
A write error has occurred; probably caused by a bad media. Please replace the media and try again.

I’m using Sony DVD-Rs. So, I replaced the media and tried again. Still nothing. Other, and subsequently older, original DVDs work fine with no burning problems. Has anybody ran into this one? Could it be the DVD? I know it’s not the media.