Writing to used DVD_RAM caddy-less discs

Please excuse the long intro…

As far as I can ascertain, Type 2 and Type 4 DVD-RAM discs (which come in a caddy) which have had data recorded on them, have a “flag” recorded on the disc that makes them “read only” when they removed from their cartridges. A “tray loading” DVD-RAM drive will not write to caddyless Type 2 and 4 discs while this flag is set

Over a few years, I had three Panasonic caddy loading DVD-RAM drives which have all failed after the warranty ended. As they failed unlike any other optical drives I have had, I switched to an LG GSA-H10N multi drive which is tray loading DVD-RAM capable drive, as they are much cheaper and (hopefully) longer lasting. However, I am unable to write to my old DVD-RAM Type2 & 4 caddy discs using this drive under Windows xp professional SP2 and am looking for some utility that will enable me to reset the switch on the discs.

If I try and erase one of my used DVD-RAM discs using the Disc and Device Utility in Roxio Creator Classic 9 it gives an error message "Can not write medium incompatible format - illegal request 05/30/05. Checking the disc properties in the utility shows a green tick beside “Can be quickly erased”.

Any help in getting these disc back into my media pool would be greatly appreciated!!

The drive will just reject the discs, I think.

Bad news about life scope for Pana rtridge drives…as I got one still under the guaranty period.

It doesn’t seem likely that the problem arises just because you take the discs out of the cartridge.
Are you sure you didn’t ask the Panasonic disc tools to write protect the discs? If so, you have to go back to you Panasonic software(the app. is included in the driver package) and unprotect the disc.