Writing to previously written DVD+RW

Hi All,

I’m a newbie running Nero 7 Ultra Edition over WinXP/SP2. I started one of Nero’s tools the other day, formatted a DVD+RW disk, and copied a bunch of folders and their contents from the hard-drive to the DVD. Subsequently, I shut down the computer.

After booting subsequently, I could view and open folders and their contents in a Windows Exporer window, but was unable to drag-n-drop any addititional content to that window: it declared itself to be read-only.

I read some of Nero documentation and discovered I should add virtual drive letters for my my two DVD drives, select that they be created on every boot-up, and then reboot. I did that and indeed saw the new drive-letters as well as my old drive letters, one of which displayed my previously written content in an Explorer window. I double-clicked the new drive letters, but they both request that I insert a disk, not withstanding that one of DVD drives had a disk inserted already.

Question: Where do I go from here in my effort to add additional content to that DVD?


It’s not clear what you did. Formatting could be a couple of things. A new rewriteable DVD needs to be formatted before it can be used. Nero does it automatically.

Then there’s packet writing software like InCD. That also does a format but it’s not the same as the normal RW format.

If you used InCD, then you should be able to copy files to the disc using Windows Explorer. Well, I guess that’s true, but I’ve never used InCD.

Otherwise you need to use a program like Nero to add files.

XP has no capability built-in to burn DVDs. I guess the InCD stuff gets integrated into XP to allow it, but it seems too messy for my taste.

Thanks for your response.

…you need to use a program like Nero to add files

But [I]what [/I]program. Nero StartSmart shows about 12 applications and 7 tools. I didn’t notice any of them as likely candidates for me to drag-and-drop files/folders from my hard-drive to a DVD+RW disk with some existing content.


IMO drag and drop to a DVD+RW, regardless of program is “iffy” at best. In Nero 6 Utra, you can create a DVD+VR in Visionexpress3 which allows modifiying content, but if you’re wanting to b/u, add a hard drive. You’re looking for DVD-Ram, which I’ve not used but +RW drag and drop for back up does not work. For what you’re saying, create a +VR disc in Nero. But it’s still a somewhat a time consuming process.

IMO drag and drop to a DVD+RW, regardless of program is “iffy” at best.

I had been using Roxio for years. It opened a DnD frame that let me copy folders along with their contents to a DVD, from which I could subsequently recover any portion I wished. There was only one wrinkle: Files in deeply nested folders would sometimes fail. My workaround was to WinZip such folders first.

I know there are backup programs, including one within Nero 7, that can be used for this purpose. But I prefer DnD because I feel safer avoiding another construct (the bkup pgm’s data structure).

What problem have you encountered with Nero’s DnD?