Writing to Pre-written CD-RW Causes Reboot

The computer reboots immediately upon attempting to DLA-write to a CD-RW that has been written to before. I’ve tried this with multiple CD-RW’s and both the installed CD/DVD drives. I don’t recall this happening prior to installing SP2, but I haven’t found any references to the problem in any of the Windows forums. Writing to new blank CD-RW’s is ok, but reformatted CD-RW’s is not ok.

The DLA/UDF software is by Veritas, and came with the Sony drive (about 18 months old). The generic drive is about 3 months old.

Another oddity is that the monitor will occasionally go blank for a second and then come back. I’ve tried it with two monitors.

The PC is connected to an APC UPS, and the monitor is powered from the wall through an MOV-protected filter/multi-outlet box due to the limits of the UPS.

OS: Win XP, SP2

System: Shuttle 32L, AMD 2400+, 768 GB RAM, 120 GB Western Digital and 160 GB Seagate, Astec 300 W PS, nVidia graphics card

Optical drives: generic 52x/16x CDR/DVDR, and Sony DRU510 CDR/DVDR

Sonic DLA is reported to cause this sort of problem with numerous users. Most users here do not recommend use of Sonic DLA, or Nero INCD. Search the forum if you are curious as to why…

Thanks for the search terms. I’ll load the Nero version that came with my latest DVD burner and not ever do any more packet writing. Reading through the 8 pages of threads, I realize that a full DVD-RW I have that now can’t be read by WinXP Explorer is not an anomoly, either. I’ll see if the Nero tools can read it, and try ISO Buster.

I first experienced packet writing problems with an HP CD writer about 4 years ago. Dumping the ridiculous bundled Roxio product and switching to an earlier version of Nero and using INCD worked ok under Win2000. Strangely enough, those CD-RWs are still readable via Windows XP Explorer and Veritas DLA. Ain’t gonna write to them, though!

Stay away from Packet writing software, that includes DLA.