Writing to cd failed



Hey everbody I just dled the trial of clonecd and it seems to work until the actual burning process. After it says 100% and the reader drive ejects it first trys to do somthing then says " Writing to cd failed, UNIT CANNOT WRITE MEDIUM-UNKNOWN FORMAT (2:0x30:0x04)". Any1 no wuts goin on? Oh yea I dont no if this affects it but after i click OK it says " Writing to SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-248B failed!". Help me plz.

Oh yeah I first tried to burn Age of Empires for my other comp, then I tried burning A Nirvana Cd nothin worked.


I have the same exact problem. It says to set my region on my drive, but my region is already set properly. So how do we over come this problem of not being able to write to the disk?