Writing to CD Failed Error

I have a Plextor PX W2410a and a Sony DVD ddu1621. I am trying to make a backup copy of my office 2000 cd and get the errors; 1. Writing to cd failed, medium error, write error, loss of streaming and when looking at clone cd error log I also see Sony dvd rom does not support fast error skip. Since the disk is obviously protected how do I do a work around for a copy. What settings should I use?
Thanks in advance.

Use the Plextor to read the disc since it’s a far better reader than the Sony. I don’t think the disc is protected with errors. Select to read both Subc to be on the safe side.

will give it a try now. thanks

Just copied to image file from plexwriter, chose both subc options and fes. Read went fine. When i went to write it started and stoppedwith the same error as before except no sony dvd error. The only option that was selected in write was close last session.
Any more ideas…

What brand media you are using and try using latest version of CloneCD.

I just downloaded latest vs of clone cd and am retrying it. The media is Memorex cdr 700mb

YES!!! It worked! Thank you both for all your help.