Writing to Any DVD

Hi Everyone
I downloaded the trial version of anydvd and clonedvd2 worked perfectly and after my trial version I purchased both and got a key for both
but since I have received my keys I am having trouble writing to a DVD
or any DVD
I can copy the DVD to my harddrive
But when it gets to writing to the dvd I get an error message after erasing I only get 1% wrote and get the message media write error replace media
I have downloaded all recent updates and rebooted but still no luck
I ran and rebooted after purchasing each key
I have uninstalled both anydvd and clonedvd and removed everything and started over rebooted and then opened keys seperately and rebooted each time and still have the same problem
does anyone have any idias that I can try
any help would be appreciated
Thank You
I have a powerdvd5 burner
region code1

try another disc could be bad, or another brand of media.

what brand of media are you using?

I have used dvd-r by maxell 8x speed and also memorex dvd-r memorex 16x speed
both worked until I received my keys

dvd-r by maxell 8x speed and also memorex dvd-r memorex 16x speed

I use the same two and I don’t get any problems. Do you have Clone DVD to burn after the copying?

I also has problem with DVD-R medias. For some reason CloneCd and Clone DVD stopped working with DVD-R medias. Always giving write error messages. I have not tried with DVD+R because I dont have DVD+R medias.

I purchased clonedvd and anydvd both worked fine on the 21 day trial version and with the dvd midia I was using
but when I pruchased keys for both of them now I get the media error messages
don’t understand why

Hello Folks,

Perchance have you ensured that you DVD Burner has the most recent up to date Firmware available installed?

For information explaining the importance of up to date DVD Burner Firmware suggest viewing he below PC World article.

Quite possibly your present DVD Burner Firmware doesn’t contain the correct write (burning) strategy for the Media Code of the particular blank DVD media you are currently using.

Best Regards,

In your first post you said you have powerdvdburner-that is software to play a dvd as far as I know and to not burn a dvd. Make sure after you put a dvd in your drive you wait for the computer to recognise the dvd and then close power dvd. If your using clonedvd and anydvd you should have no problem. Also what version of clonedvd and anydvd are you using. Another is is dma enabled and have you defraged you hard drive lately and what are the specs of your computer??