Writing Text to a CD


I’d like to know how to write text to a CD when burning it with Nero Burning ROM.

I’ve tried entering text into all the fields available in the New Audio CD software, but they don’t appear on the CD>

Basically, I want to be able to write / embed the names of Songs and the Artist (my band) to each track on the CD so that when it’s played, these details will be viewd by the listener.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…thanks in advance.

Like this:

thanks for the reply, but as i said in my original post, I have filled in all those fields without success. Is it possibly that some CD/DVD drives won’t read it, even if it’s written to the CD? Maybe my drive doesn’t read the info…?

That is possible. Most playback systems do nothing with the cd text.

Burrrn is perhaps an easier option to use than Nero for this & there’s also an app that’ll read off the CD-Text to enable you to check it. It’s called CD Text Manager & found here

I am having problems with this also, Ive tried nero and burrrn, with no results. Im using the HP 640c burner, latest firmware. However, when I donwload some music from dj’s or what not and I burn their music to a cd, the album names and tracks show up on the cd. Yet when I compare my tag info with theirs, it is the same, so there should be no reason why those files should burn cd-text and the ones i want to burn dont. Any suggestions?

The way I’m checking is using windows media player. On some files I download from professional dj sites, it shows the cover art and track names when burned to a cd and played and album names. I’m using Tag&Rename software to edit the tag information and to add the cover art, but the ones I edit do not show up in the media player, just says unknown album and track 1 2 3 etc…

Update: I can only write cd text to a DVD in nero by using the create DVD jukebox. So I can write to DVD’s but not normal Audio CD’s, I dont get this…

Try Burrrn as I suggested in post #5.

I don’t think that WMP will actually display CD Text from an Audio CD.

As Mr. Belvedere told, your problem must be the soft player - Most versions of Windows media player will not return the text, unless you find a workaround.
Try the player at this link, configure it and enjoy the text you recorded (if your drive can burn it - but this shouldn’t be a problem with modern models):
By the way, it will not conflict with you WMP (I don’t know if this apply also to Vista, as I don’t know about this O/S yet).

tried that softplayer, still the same. I can put a commercial cd in and WMP will read the text just fine. If I rip a commercial cd and reburn to a blank cd, it will also burn the text readable by WMP. But for some reason, with downloaded music, it will not burn the cd-text, this is getting crazy. Been having this problem for months.

Also used burrrn with no luck. same results, track 1 track 2 etc…

WMP will often look up the details from the Internet so you might think it’s reading the text when it actually isn’t. That’ll be why compilation CDs show no text as WMP cannot match the tracks on the Internet.

Try the CD-Text Manager I mentioned in post #5 as that’ll show whether you really have CD-Text present.

trying to try the cd-text manager but it is giving an error, "CD-Text Manager cannot utilise a required system component (COMCTL32.OCX) Would you like to downlaod this file now? " I click yes and it is a file not found. I found the file on the net though and put it in the windows dir where the cdtext manger is in, but still no go.

Seems it is linking to download the file COMCTL32.EXE which is being recognized as a trojan.

Try dumping it in Windows\System32 as that’s where it must be.

HI again

Pls look at the configuration options and you will find the way to show Cd-text.
Sorry for not being more specific on the subject but at mom I can’t access an installed version of the player and can’t recall the all path, but I did use it in the past and it was showing CD-text.
The names shown by WMP are collected the way TimC indicates.

Ok, I think im going to bash my head into a wall now. You were right about WMP. Does not support reading cd-text. I disconnected the internet, loaded up winamp and it read the cd perfectly. Thank you for all your help everyone.

Glad you’re sorted OK now, and hopefully no longer considering head-butting the nearest wall. :smiley: