Writing TAO with 24102B

Since I got the new (unofficial)firmware that were postede here on cdfreaks a few weeks ago, I have had trouble burning (S)VCD in Track-at-once in nero… But it’s not all the time, sometimes it goes fine, and other times nero complains, and say that the recordes does not support it… which it should do… Are there any other with the same problem ?
And is it possible to “go down a version” in firmware ?
:confused: :confused:

That’s the price of unofficial firmware! :wink:
You can downgrade using MKTFlash. Look around this board for information, for example here

The firmware is not un-official.

It was released at the lite-on page the day after.

Make sure you have the newest version of nero.

Well damn !:slight_smile:

But I will to go down a grade… and see if it helps…
But thanks anyways !:slight_smile: