Writing Speed

I have an LG4040B DVD writer. When I started using Nero Recode to copy DVD to DVD, I was using discs that were only able to burn at 2X. I am now using discs that are compatible with my writer at 4X, however, with Nero recode I am only able to select 2.4X as the maximum writing speed. There is no choice for Max as with the main Nero burning ROM program. If I choose to save the transcoded files to the hard drive rather than copy straight to the burner, I can burn at 4X with Nero burning ROM. I can insert the blank DVD on the screen showing the writing speed and it will change to 4X when its inserted. However, it converts back to 2.4X as soon as I take it out.

I could continue to just transcode the files to the hard drive and burn with Nero burning ROM but it would be much simpler and quicker to use Nero Recode completely. By the way I have the latest versions of the complete Nero package.

Any help in getting me to burn at 4X in Nero Recode would be of great assistance!

I’ve got the same problem! Any ideas?

same problem with me also - can burn up to 8x using other transcoding programs, but with nero recode2, i don’t have option of burning greater than 2.4x


Same here but only sometimes, I’ve noticed though when it does pick 2.4 time it lists the disk as a dvd-rw when it’s a dvd-r

cmon! no answers? I guess nero isn’t too popular here fellas =(

Try to update your burner´s firmware.

Well I think I know what my problem was. This is happening when I’m trying to backup my DVD by reading a DVD, transcoding that DVD, and after that is done inserting a blank DVD into the same drive to backup.

The thing is that when you set it up the backup, its on one screen so when you set the “burn” part of it, Recode thinks you’re trying to burn on the real DVD and it thinks it is a rewriteable - that’s why the maximum is 2.4X, when in reality you’re going to burning onto another disc after this one is done reading.

If you happen to transcode to the harddrive first, then burn - you’ll get 4X. Or if you happen to have two DVD drives, read from one and burn to another, you should be able to get 4X.

Does that make any sense?

Done that, but didn’t have this problem until I updated from 6.0 to, I see there’s now a so I’ll try that tonight.

badboibillie, no, I have two drives and still I get the problem, even when I use dvd20ne then use nero burning rom to burn the dvd from thr HD, most times it’s 4x, other times it’s 2.4x and some times it tells me to insert a dvd+r when I’m trying to use a -r, go figure!!!

looks like some real bugs.

Have you tried Intervideo DVD Copy? I saw the tests at http://dvd.box.sk and it says its one of the best ones. I started using Recode until the test for DVD Copy came out.

I think Recode is still coming to grips with media. I can only suggest that you send off an email to ahead. Manufacturers optimise their drives for specific media.

With the latest version of Nero installed (version Nero Recode now lists a maximum speed choice so hopefully it can burn at the maximum speed for the media. Now burns at 4X fine.