Writing speed



im totally new to this forum, but i didn’t see any posts’ on this subject exactly.
Im running a 333mHz Celeron Proc. with 128 Ram, and i just bought a TDK 24X, 10X, 40X. And on the box it says it can burn a cd in under 5 minutes, and when i tell all my friends that i burned metallica - kill em all in about 7 minutes, there like “wtf” thats like a 16X, thats gay. so, wtf, its really gay, i want it to HAUL ass, it works fine, never errors or anything but i want it to burn at 24X!!!


Probably your hd can’t deliver enough data to sustain the data flow needed by your writer. That’s were Burnproof/Justlink kicks in…
Consequence: burn time goes (way) up…
So, want to burn 24x? Fast pc and FAST hd…


Or your Media (blank CDR) doesn’t support 24 x ???

Just for fun : try your 16 or 24 x burned audioCD in Discmans, cheap audio systems or your car system : there will be cases the cd isn’t recognised !!!

:wink: Eric