Writing speed

with all the new medai coming out i cant write at 2x is there a way? the minimum seems to be 4 or above

Generally, it’s recommended to burn media at its rated speed (8x @ 8x), as the dye ‘expects’ that speed to be used. The only time you might burn slower or faster than that is by some software tool that evaluates how good the media is and how fast it can/should be burned at. For example, Plextor 716a comes with Plextools Pro, which has a “media quality” check under its drive settings page. You put in a DVD blank, then test at one of the available speeds from the drop-down menu. If it can be overburned (overburned = burned faster than rated speed), it will tell you. And sometimes when you can’t burn it at its rated speed (because there may be something slightly wrong with the DVD blank), it will tell you and you can test for what speed below that it could burn at.

If people tell you to ‘lower the burn speed to get a better burn,’ that’s really more myth now than anything else. The only time you lower the burn speed for sure is when the media isn’t of high enough quality so that a lower speed is required to burn it with lower error amounts.

Does lower write speed mean better result?
Might be, might be not.

With certain systems say, with external burner and harddrives there may be some problems, buffer under runs for example, that can be cured or at least alleviated with a lower burn speed.

What works for Tom and Dick may not work with Harry.

For me, I find with different good media, Ty etc., it all still depends but, burning at 4X and taking an extra 15 minutes is not worth having skip and freeze problems for Me.

If people tell you to ‘lower the burn speed to get a better burn,’ that’s really more myth now than anything else.

That is just your opinion.

Not in my opinion. Nor many, many others. Burning at 4x for 8x disks works for me that is why I do it.
There are just too many variables in ones computer, in addition to other things people are doing with their computer while burning to have a one size fits all.

I suppose that is why you started your post with generally ie. making a generalization or vaguely speaking.

It is really going to depend on the specific drive, firmware and media. I have found medias that actually burn beter at faster than their rated speed than they do at thier rated speeds or slower (ricohjpnr01) on my liteon 851s@832s. What speed burns best depends on the drive and firmware but as others are saying, more often than not, the rated speed is the best speed. If your drive happens to be a sony rw dru-700a which happens to be a rebadged liteon 832s, you could always omnipatch your firmware to allow all burn speeds (both slower and faster), burn disks at diffrent speeds, and run kprobe to see which speed is producing the best disks (least errors).

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