Writing Speed Problem



I have a Liton 52x Writer and i was wondering why my writing speed is very slow, I write at 52x, 48x 40x and even 32x but its slow, i can clone cds very quick (1m:36sec):slight_smile: but when it comes to writing anything it takes over 5 minutes to write a CD, any ideas on why this is happening to me:confused:




Welcome to CD Freaks, Stuart! :smiley:

Is DMA enabled for all of the drives in your system (including hard drives)?

What type of system do you have (OS, amount of RAM, CPU type and speed, hard drive size and speed, etc)?



I have checked to see if DMA is enabled and it is, here are my Computer Specifications

OS: Windows XP Corp With SP1
Memory: 512 DDR 2100 ECC Crucial
CPU Type: Intel P4
CPU Speed: Default 1.70@1.90Ghz :slight_smile:
Hard Drive: 40Gb Seagate Dunno what speed

Anything Else needed?




Well, your computer certainly is powerful enough to burn at 52x. When you burn and see the slow writing times, does the light on the front of your drive stay solid red, or does it blink red and orange, alternatively? BTW, what IDE drivers are you using?

What type of blank CDs are you using? Sometime, the Lite-On will need to slow down the burn due to poor quality media or old media.



When writing my writer stays red all the time, it doesen’t blink orange, and im not using any ide drivers(any chance of a link to some) and im using some company called verbaintems( or somet like that)




You probably need different discs. Fuji discs are good.


Try to disable smartburn and see what happens.

(disabling smartburn can result in errors during the write or on the writting disc; if the disc burns fine, always check the quality with a tool like K-probe or Nero CD Speed)

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checking burn speed with CD Speed would probably be the best idea as to how fast it’s actually burning.



Cheers for the info, i’ll try and do those things and i’ll report back to ya all