Writing speed problem with pioneer dvr 112d

Hi to everyone this is my first post on this forum.

I recently purchsed the pioneer dvr 112d.

Ive installed it and burned a dvd using nero 8.

The problem i have is that it took over 2 hours to burn the film, is this the kind of time it should take? , and if not ive looked everywhere to try and find some option to burn faster and had no luck.

What am i doing wrong?.

My system

Skt 754 asaus K8v xe mother board.
Athlon 64 3000+
2gb ddr400
nvidia 7100 gs
160gb maxtor9 plus
80gb maxtor9 plus
window xp pro

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Have you checked if DMA is enabled? See link in my signature for more details :slight_smile:

HI ive checked the DMA and everything with channel in the name has DMA if available as the setting.
So do you ahave any other ideas?

Where it says “DMA if available” - just below that should be the “Current Transfer Mode” and that’s the important bit. :wink:

If any of the Current Transfer Modes are on PIO Mode, that needs correcting.

Also are you using 80 wire IDE cable as the 112’s require 80 wire cable in order to operate properly, but I also suspect it’s not running in the ultra dma 4 mode

Some of the channels actually say DMA if available, while others are set to DMA 6 or 2 the oneS set to if available can only be changed to PIO.
And they dont say what transfer mode they are in.

It will say
Device 0
device type auto detection
transfer mode dma if available
current transfer mode Ultra DMA Mode4

Device 1 same as above in my case

Are you using 80 wire IDE cable ?

Yep. I’ve bolded the important bit. The actual UDMA Mode numbers will be different depending on the devices, but your Pio should be UDMA 4 as above.

Both of mine are in udma4 mode, device 1 same as above I ment same as device 0 :slight_smile: I guess Dazza left us and didn’t want anymore help

Sorry im still here but im about to go out shopping with my wife, ill check back later. Thanks for all your assistance.

Could it be that when installing the drive i just took out my cdrw drive and put it in the same cables everything.

Could be, if the original cable is a 40 wire one (Pioneers like 80 wire ones).

Thats probably it then i need any 80 wire cable, ive used the same cable that attached to my cdrw.

One more question though, when i burnt a film earlier today it took over 2 hours to finnish. I looked for a option to change the writing speed but couldnt find one. Im using nero 8 ultimate, could it be that i was converting an avi file to dvd and writing to disk at the sametime.

What ATA cable should i buy, sorry about this ive become ingorent of how my pc works, i need to brush up a bit.

That two hours probably included the conversion time to DVD-compliant files, am I right?

If so, two hours is somewhat on the long side (I can convert and burn in about 30 minutes with my Pentium D 3.4GHz, often less).

You need to buy at ATA 66/100/133* IDE cable, even PC World sell 'em :slight_smile:

*Hope I got that right, been so long since I bought one!

Thanks ive just got two i take it i can replace any 40 pin ide cable with the 80. Would i notice any difference if i used them on my hard drives.

Yep, you can go ahead and replace your 40 wire cables with the 80 wire ones :iagree:

I’d recommend 80 wire ones on your hard drives also, but you won’t really notice a difference after swapping them unless the cables you used before were 40 wire (80 wire will give you UDMA 5/6 on your HDDs, as opposed to UDMA 2 which is the limit with 40 wire cables).

After you swap the cables, write down the Current Transfer Modes for each one of your IDE channels, and post them so we can check everything’s OK :wink:

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Just for guidance.

The older conventional IDE cable. Note all connecters same colour.

The ‘newer’ 80 wire IDE cable. Note the coulored connecters. Blue is usually motherboard. Black Master & Grey Slave.

^ I was hoping someone would pop up with a pic :bigsmile:

Just an idea: is the movie you are trying to burn an avi file?

Nero try to convert the avi into DVD before to burn it, and this explain why it’s necessary 2 hour to complete the process.